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Moshe Binnun

Moshe Binnun

Application and Software Computer Engineer

Computer Engineer (34 years old) residing in Petah Tikva, Israel.

Bachelor's of Science Degree in Software Computer Engineering from Bar Ilan University.

(Final Project: Implementing an embedded state machine algorithm on a pool playing robot using the FPGA device.)

Eight years experience in finding solutions and project management for building and designing web-based systems (including HTML5 GUI for both mobile sites and applications on both iOS and Android platforms.)

Active in website development and essential contributor to ongoing maintenance and SEO. Additionally, experienced in creating Google AdWords campaigns using the PPC search engine model.

Experienced in the establishment and maintenance of web-based servers and FTP servers.

Experienced in setting up and maintaining MySQL and MS-SQL databases (including the development of all related queries and procedures.)

Experienced in developing for embedded systems.

Currently employed at Net-Royal, Inc. as a Developer and Webmaster of KoMo Classified Ads (www.komo.co.il)

Previous position at Operad Online Marketing: Created landing pages and developed tools for lead tracking (for both stand-alone and web-based applications.)

Server-side language experience under APACHE and IIS servers includes: PHP, C# .NET, ASP-VBScript.

Client-side language experience includes: HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS.

Knowledgeable in program development in both JAVA and Objective-C for Android and iOS environments, respectively.

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